Dolls By Mary Benner offers a flexible, (up to 6 months), LAYAWAY PROGRAM for most, but NOT ALL of the dolls on this website.  When a layaway is being offered on a doll it will be clearly stated in the description.

We created our layaway program to help collectors who want to purchase one of our dolls but can not afford the entire upfront price. Our layaway program was added to make purchasing one of our dolls easier for those buyers.

Our layaway program was designed to benefit our collectors, not so much us.  There is a great amount of cost involved in making a doll. Doll making supplies have always been expensive,  but in recent years many places that once sold doll making supplies are no longer in business which makes supplies harder to find and much more costly. That together with the hours and hours of work that goes into making a high quality collectable doll, payment in full at the time of sale is much more beneficial & preferable to us than monthy payments spread across a period of 6 months, which is why we have had to apply certain terms and conditions to our layaway program and those terms are as follows: 


1.  Down payment is non refundable

2.  If a monthly payment is missed, we reserve the right to put the doll back up for sale until the missed payment is received or another arrangement is made with the buyer. We understand that people get busy and forget, so before we resort to this we will send an email reminder.

3.  If layaway is cancelled for any reason, we will refund payments made (except for the initial down payment which is non refundable) BUT ONLY after we re-sell the doll.

4. If for any reason after the layawy is completed and the buyer receives the doll and decides they don't want it or don't like it,  they may send the doll back for a refund under the following conditions:

a.The buyer pays return shipping

b. The doll will have to be re-sold before the refund can be given. (Sorry, but because we are a small business,  we do not have the financial resources to pay the buyer back up front until we re-sell the doll.) 

c. A 15% re-stocking fee may, (or may not), be taken out of the refund going back to the buyer depending on the condition the doll is returned in.  The down payment will not be refunded.

5. Sometimes we offer FREE USA SHIPPING for certain dolls,  unfortunately, unless otherwise indicated,  we do not offer FREE SHIPPING with layaways. 



It is very simple to start the layaway process with us.  If a doll is being offered with a layaway,  just email us at dollbymarybenner and let us know you would like to put the doll on layaway.  We will send you a paypal invoice for the down payment and a invoice will be sent every month updating each new payment until the doll is paid in full.  Shipping is calculated and due with last payment.

The down payment is calculated according to the number of months the buyer would like to put the doll on layaway.  

6 months,  the layaway would be 1/6 the cost of the doll.

5 months, 1/5 of the cost

4 months, 1/4 of the cost

3 months, 1/3 of the cost

2 months 1/2 of the cost

For example,  lets say the doll cost $1000.00:   

With a 6 months layway,  down payment would be $167.00 and $167.00 a month for the next 5 months = $1002.00

The $2.00 overage would be applied towards the shipping cost.  Shipping is calculated & due with the last payment. It is very hard to calculate the exact shipping cost until the doll is packed and weighed, therefore if we over estimate shipping cost we will refund it back to you.  If we underestimate shipping cost (as long as it doesn't exceed over $5.00), we will take care of it without charge. Shipping insurance is optional and extra paid by the buyer.