Who passed away February 21, 2022   

He is sadly missed.  



Allen was very much involved in Dolls By Mary Benner,  even though he worked full time and owned his own real estate company.   Allen was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.  He retired from the Navy,  he loved our country and served it for 22 years in active duty.

It was Allen who encouraged me to start selling my dolls back in 1990.  He helped me start my business & even named it for me,  “Cherished Collectibles”.   Our motto was “ Today’s cherished Collectibles,  Tomorrow’s cherished antiques”.   The first 10 years in business we sold my dolls at doll shows up and down the east coast.  Later when we started selling my dolls on the internet, he encouraged me to get a website and our name changed to “Dolls by Mary Benner” to make it easier for people to find me online.   Allen was very important to DBMB,  he poured all my molds,  helped me string doll bodies when needed,  he was the photographer that took all those beautiful photos of my dolls, he carefully packed all my dolls for shipping and helped & advised me with many business decisions.  It’s going to be very difficult without him,  he did so much for me in many many ways.   I will miss him always.