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I was trying to idenify some of my dolls and happened into your website, and so glad I did. I just want to tell you how beautiful your dolls are.
Jerri McColgin - 13 Nov 2012
Good Afternoon Mary! I wanted to thank you for making such beautiful dolls! I received my new Lisbeth doll and she is so cute. Her dress and hat are beautiful and her face is adorable. The earrings are lovely too. If anyone that is reading this is trying to decide about this doll you will be blessed if you purchase her. I think most importantly you realize that this talent was given to you by our Heavenly Father and I can tell that Jesus has a special place in your life. May He that gives every gift to us continually bless your talent. God Bless, Valerie
Valerie Christopher - 13 Nov 2012
Beautiful dolls and costumes. I too, would love to see an A. Marque.
carol odonnell - 2 Nov 2012
Your gallery of Dolls was a thrill to see. My favorite dolls are antique. I do not own one of your dolls, but would like too.
vicky - 19 Aug 2012
Your dolls are real masterpieces! This relic, which will be precious forever. My dream is to Victoria Rose has arrived and settled in my house. Good luck, success and prosperity to you!
Alena - 17 Jan 2012
Mary, You have beautiful dolls. It is so nice to see someone who truely appreciates the artistic value of the look of the antique doll. I would love to see some A. Marques. Your's always! Greg Click
Gregory Click - 3 Jan 2012
I have loved dolls all my life and your Brus especially, (my personal favourite dolls ever since I first set eyes on a picture of one) are simply incredible. What stunning work! Joan
Joan Schindel - 1 Jan 2012
I have Sophia The Bru bride and just love her. What a wonderful doll
Barbara Vanderzanden - 10 Mar 2011
These dolls are superb!!
Joel Rugullies - 24 Feb 2011
Mary, what a God-Send you are to so many Doll-Lovers, as I have been since as long as I can recall any memory. The taking care of my "Babies" as a child possibly led me into a more than fifty years career and truly a love of my life---Nursing. You are a true inspiration to those who love true beauty and perfection as I do. May God continue to Bless You and your family with many years to come of happiness for each of you and the thousands of people like me who desire and love your treasures. I hope the Lord provides the means for me to purchase just a few more of your dolls who seem to never leave my mind. Thank you Mary, for being YOU, one of the most gracious ladies with whom I have had the great honor of speaking with personally. Charlotte
Charlotte Lee-Cox - 4 Dec 2010
Thank you SO much for sending me a link to your doll making website. The dolls are exquisite. I can see why you are too busy to visit a social network.
Susan Manchester of Jacksonville, FL - 9 Jul 2009
I have five of your smaller Victorian dolls. I love them. I buy what I can afford. Please keep making them for all of us that appreciate what it takes to make just one of these beauties.
Dona Erminger - 27 Dec 2008
Hello Mary Benner, My love of dolls began when I was 4 years old. I also enjoyed hearing my grandmother's stories of her porcelain dolls in the early 1900's. I then began to love porcelain dolls, antiques and repros. Your works of art are simply beautiful. I have three of your dolls from Marie Osmond and HSN which I treasure and look forward to collecting more beauties. I like the fact that you now create them in small sizes since I am beginning to run out of room. I wish you continued success in your fine work. Maria :) NJ
Maria Estrada-Werst - 26 Dec 2008
My love for antique dolls began when I found an old Bru doll in my aunt's attic in France 35 years ago. My passion for collecting these unique and extraordinary dolls has not faltered since. Mary's reproductions are certainly the closest to the real thing. Unbelievably beautiful dolls!!! Alix
Alix Stewart - 26 Nov 2008
Mary's dolls are truly one of a kind. I have been collecting antique reproduction dolls for about 20 years. No one makes them look quit as authenic as Mary. Looking forward to adding another to my collection.
Nancy - 19 Nov 2008
Can't afford the REAL french antique dolls, but LOVE Mary's reproductions. Exquisite detailing.
Kris Marra - 18 Nov 2008
There is no greater love than having one of your beautiful dolls grace my collection. I have always loved your dolls and each one that you offer from your heart is nothing short of perfection. In my circle of doll collecting friends they all know that you are the artist of choice for me. Please continue with your artisty and gift from God to make these beautiful dolls available that we as collectors long to add to our collections.
Barbara - 16 Nov 2008
Mary, your dolls are wonderful pieces of art. Each one is a treasure and they all seem to have personalities of their own. Please don't ever stop making these exquisite little darlings.
Judi - 14 Nov 2008
Hello! Your dolls are just amazingly BEAUTIFUL! I have your Victoria Rose and just LOVE her!!! I always look forward to seeing your new creations!
Rebecca Miller - 12 Nov 2008
The eyes have it! I just love the eyes on your dolls and the expression catches my heart. The material you use is exquisite in both the doll itself and the clothing of a by gone era. I could go on forever just admiring the pictures. I hope you make more bluettes. Thank you for sharing your talents.
Mary - 11 Nov 2008
Hi Mary, thanks so very much for continuing to make the wonderful dolls you create. I can not possibly choose a favorite.... I love them all.
Elaine in Texas - 9 Nov 2008
Hi Mary - Your Bru Bebe's are some of the most beautiful repros being done today. The most exquisite detail and painting and the costuming is out of this world. We only can hope that you keep making them!
Cynthia - 9 Nov 2008
I love your dolls. I have several of them. I think you get more breath taking each time they all are so beautiful. I enjoy mine soooo much. Please keep them coming.
Marla - 6 Nov 2008
Your dolls take my breath away. You put so much into each one. They are truly beautiful. You are so very talented. I'm saving now so I can hopefully buy one soon.
Pat Harp - 6 Nov 2008
My favorite Mary doll is my Sophia. She stands by my dresser and she blows me away every time I look at her. Your dolls Mary are pure perfection! I hope to see more of your dolls in the future. :o)
Denise Curtis - 6 Nov 2008
Dear Mary, Having your dolls in my collection is a delightful experience. I cherish them.
kathy - 5 Nov 2008
I have loved your dolls for years and you just keep getting better!! These beauties are truly works of art. Love the new website!!
Kathy Anglin - 5 Nov 2008
I love your small Bru dolls, and the perfection of each and every detail that goes into them is amazing. And Allen, your photography is beautiful as well! Ginny
Virginia Williamson - 5 Nov 2008
Oh, my goodness!! Not many reproduction dolls take my breath away, but every time I see your creation, that's exactly what happens. The faces on these dolls seem almost real with beautiful glass eyes, wonderfully painted lashes and the most exquisite costumes replicated from the era in which they came. I thank God He has given you such a wonderful talent for beauty and creativity to share with others; you are truly blessed, Mary. Thank you for sharing your marvelous creativity with all of us and keep up the good work.
Earlene Brokaw-Nuzzo - 5 Nov 2008
I love your dolls. I think they are exquistite. The painting is wonderful and the wigs are perfect for each doll, soft and life-like. The outfits are to die for. It makes me wish I was a little girl all over again and could dress up in frilly frocks like I did for Christmas and Easter. It's hard to say which doll is my favorite because I love them all, but if I had to pick one I guess I'd say it would have to be your Mei Leibling. I've never seen such a beautiful Mei Leibling as the one you've created. Most of the ones I've seen in the past are so harsh looking. Mary's look so sweet and endering, all suger and satin ribbons and faery dust, just like every little girl should be. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with the rest of us.
Laura York - 2 Nov 2008
I love the Bru Bebes in your gallery of photos ... they are exquisite. I hope you will make more Bru Bebes (including smaller versions).
Judy - 27 Oct 2008
Hi Mary, just a quick note to say my trims arrived yesterday. They are beautiful and were packaged very nicely. Thanks for everything. Kristie
Kristie Craig - 13 Oct 2008
Though many people throw the term around loosly, there really is no substitute for true "attention to detail". Most of my Mary bener dolls are e low editon dolls,not OOAK, but I still think they are some of the best dolls made today. Every doll I have ever purchased that was done by you, Mary, has been truly a work of art and the jewel of my collection. Thank you Mary for bringing such joy to collectors of reproduction dolls. I can't wait to see what you will have next for us.
Cheryl - 15 Sep 2008
Hello. In September, I open a museum whose department is devoted to the artists of today who return life and heart to the dolls of yesterday. This marvellous couple of Steiner and My Liebling, would be a must in this museum. Is it still available? Do you accept to send it in Belgium? Thank you in advance. With all my admiration for your talent and my warmest regards. Gerard Duquet. Museum "La Comédie Enfantine".
Gerard Duquet - 11 Sep 2008
I have many of your dolls and love each one, the quality is wonderful and truly made with love! Please, Please make more small bru's...Thanks
Tamera Knowlden - 2 Sep 2008
Thank-you for making beautiful dolls!!
Leda Butler - 1 Aug 2008
My Dear Friend, First of all I want to thank you for helping me through the process of saying Good bye to our sweet Jingles, and the through the happy process of adopting our two sweet boys! They are as you know the loves of my life...You were there to share in my excitment and Joy! Now as far as YOU being the BEST doll Aritst Ever !! I feel you are, I have many of your dolls ooak, and your original works of art, as you know, and each and every one is a Treasure, Exquisite, Piece of Artwork....The Stars of my collection, your attention to detail is always there......I will be collecting your dolls for as long as you create them... I Love You, and wish you much success, happiness, and Many Blessings Always ! Your the Best ! Your Forever friend, Linda
Linda Jin - 16 Jul 2008
I love your victorian dolls! I have Victoria Rose she is just BEAUTIFUL!!
Pam Helmke - 15 Jul 2008
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